Gpay Account Kaise Banaye 2023 How to Create Gpay New Account

Gpay Account Kaise Banaye 2023 - The complete process about how to open or create a Google Pay account is shared live in this article, by following this step you can easily open your account on Google without any hassle.

    Gpay Account Kaise Banaye 2023 How to Create Gpay New Account

    To open a Gpay Account Kaise Banaye, some important devices and some details will be required, which you will have to provide, only then you will be able to easily create your account on Google, for that a lot of heading by heading details have been done below, you can follow it. can

    Gpay Account Kaise Banaye

    What is the difference between Google Pay and G Pay?

    There is no difference between Google pay account and G pay account, both are the same account and it is just a way of saying, so anywhere you will hear the name of Google pay or G pay, then you will understand that both same account.

    What is the eligibility to open G Pay account?

    If you people want to open a live account, then there is some eligibility in it, which you have to follow, only then you will be able to create or create a live account easily, for that there are some points below, you can see it.
    • you must have an android phone.
    • And you should have a bank account in your name.
    • Your mobile number should be registered with that bank.
    • As well as that bank account should have a debit card or credit card.
    If you follow all the steps given above, you can easily create a live account.

    how to create g pay new account?

    Important steps to open Gpay account are mentioned below, you can create Gpay account by following that step.
    1. First of all you have to open the Android phone.
    2. After that go to Google Play Store.
    3. After going to Google Play Store, search for Google Pay.
    4. Let's search, the application of Google Pay will come in front of you.
    5. You will install that application.
    6. After installing it has to be opened.
    7. After opening, the mobile number which is linked with the bank has to be entered.
    8. After registering, OTP will be sent to that registered mobile, OTP has to be entered and verified.
    9. Then the bank which will be linked to that mobile number, that bank will automatically appear in front of you, select you from it.
    10. As soon as you select, your Google Pay account will be created as a new one.

    This is how you will make your own Jeep Airphone in a very easy way.

    Conclusion - Gpay Account Kaise Banaye 2023

    Friends, in this article, you have shared live in front of people whether you are eligible or not, after that how you can create a Google Pay account, we have shared all this information live in this article, so you can get further updates. For sure keep visiting our website.

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