Whatsapp Par Channel Kaise Banaye in Hindi 2024

Whatsapp Par Channel Kaise Banaye in Hindi 2024: You can also create your own WhatsApp channel through the channel feature of WhatsApp. In which you can send video, photo, text message, link, emoji etc. to your followers.
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Whatsapp Par Channel Kaise Banaye in Hindi 2024

To create WhatsApp, it is very important that you should have your WhatsApp Account and along with this, [New Feature] will also tell you about the process of creating WhatsApp Channel on Android, iPhone and Web & Desktop so that you can easily use these platforms. But you can create your own Whatsapp Channel.

Whatsapp Par Channel Kaise Banaye

Can you create a WhatsApp channel? (क्या आप व्हाट्सएप चैनल बना सकते हैं?)

Create a channel to share updates and information with your current followers and use WhatsApp to connect with new ones. With a channel, you can share one-way updates to an unlimited audience. Although some features may seem familiar to WhatsApp chat, channel updates are one-way broadcasts rather than conversations.

How to Create Whatsapp Channel (WhatsApp पर चैनल कैसे बनाएं)

If you use Android Smartphone then you can create your WhatsApp Channel by following these steps, which are as follows –
  1. Step: First update WhatsApp.
  2. Step: Now tap on the Updates Tab.
  3. Step: Then you will see the Channels option, tap on the + icon in front of it.
  4. Step: Now Find Channels and New Channel will be visible.
  5. Step: In this, tap on the New Channel option.
  6. Step: After this, a new page will open, tap on the Continue option.

Whatsapp Par Channel Kon Kon Bana Sakte Hai (व्हाट्सएप पर चैनल कौन कौन बना सकता है)

Who can create a channel on WhatsApp? - That means you should have this feature. After this, go to the Updates option, go to 'Find Channel' and search the name of the channel. In this way you can join any channel. WhatsApp channel can be of any kind like education, singing, dancing, media etc. and anyone can create it.

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Conclusion - Whatsapp Par Channel Kaise Banaye in Hindi 2024

In this article, we not only told you all WhatsApp users in detail about Whatsapp Channel Kaise Banaye, but we also told you about the entire process of creating WhatsApp channel on Android, iPhone and web and desktop so that you can easily create your own channel. Can create WhatsApp channel and get its benefits.