Digipay Lite Ticket Create Online 2024 New Link

According to CSC Digipay Lite, if you are facing any kind of problem while using Digipay Lite, then to solve it, you will have to visit the official site and create an online ticket, after that the problem is fixed within 24 hours. CSC Digipay Complete information related to this through Lite is given below, please look carefully and solve the problem.
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Digipay Lite Ticket Create Online 2024 New Link

Recently, a new application was launched by the Common Service Center, whose name is Digipay Lite. Use it to withdraw money, Money Transfer, AEPS and Micro ATM, many other services are available in it, but in this article, we will try to solve the problems faced while using Digipay Lite. going to tell about.

What is Digipay Lite? (Digipay Lite Ticket Create Online)

Before diving in, let's establish a foundation. Digipay Lite is a simplified mobile wallet service offered by Digipay. It allows users to perform basic financial transactions like sending and receiving money, 

recharging mobile phones, and paying bills – all conveniently from their smartphones. However, like any digital platform, occasional technical glitches or service-related issues can arise. Digipay Lite Ticket Create Online

When to Create a Digipay Lite Ticket?

Here are some instances where creating a Digipay Lite ticket might be necessary:
  • Transaction Issues: Encountering failed transactions, delays in transfers, or discrepancies in account balance.
  • Login Problems: Unable to log in due to forgotten password, incorrect credentials, or account lockout.
  • Technical Glitches: Experiencing app crashes, bugs, or functionalities not working as intended.
  • Security Concerns: Suspicious activity on your account, unauthorized transactions, or needing to report a lost/stolen phone linked to Digipay Lite.
  • General Inquiries: Having questions about Digipay Lite services, features, or limitations.

Benefits of Creating a Digipay Lite Ticket Online?

While contacting Digipay Lite customer care through phone calls might be an option, creating an online ticket offers several advantages: Digipay Lite Ticket Create Online
  • Convenience: Submit your request at any time, 24/7, without waiting on phone lines.
  • Detailed Documentation: Clearly outline your issue with the option to attach screenshots or relevant files for better understanding.
  • Improved Tracking: Monitor the status of your ticket and receive updates directly through your Digipay Lite account.
  • Reduced Hold Times: Avoid long wait times on phone calls and get a resolution at Digipay's convenience.

How to Create Online Ticket in Digipay Lite Portal?

To create Raise a ticket on Digipay Lite online portal, follow the steps given below. Digipay Lite Ticket Create Online
  1. Open Digipay Lite App or visit https://agent.paycsc.in/#/sign-in.
  2. Find "Support" or "Help" section.
  3. Click "Raise a Ticket" or similar option.
  4. Choose issue category (Transaction, Login, etc.).
  5. Write a clear subject line summarizing your problem.
  6. Describe your issue clearly with relevant details (dates, reference numbers).
  7. Attach screenshots or documents (if helpful).
  8. Review and submit your ticket.
  9. Track progress using your unique ticket ID.
Note:- After complaining, your problem will be solved within 24 to 72 hours.

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What is the difference between DigiPay and DigiPay Lite?
Here's the key difference between DigiPay and DigiPay Lite:
  • DigiPay: This is the full-fledged version, often referred to as an Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS). It requires users to be registered as Business Correspondents (BCs) through Common Service Centres (CSCs). BCs typically operate kiosks in rural areas, offering financial services to those with limited access to banks. DigiPay allows a wider range of transactions, potentially including cash withdrawals and deposits.
  • DigiPay Lite: This is a simplified mobile wallet service designed for individual users, not BCs. It doesn't require a CSC ID and offers basic functionalities like sending/receiving money, mobile recharges, and bill payments. Think of it as a more user-friendly app for everyday transactions.
What is the customer care number of CSC DigiPay Lite?
The CSC website provides two contact options depending on whether you're a citizen or a Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE):
  • VLEs (Village Level Entrepreneurs): If you're a VLE registered with CSC and facing specific concerns, a dedicated number is available: 08069649701.
CSC also lists working hours for VLE support: 9.30 am to 6.00 pm on all working days.
What is the use of DigiPay Lite?
DigiPay Lite in a Nutshell
  • What it is: A mobile wallet app for everyday financial transactions in India.
  • Who can use it: Anyone in India for sending/receiving money, mobile recharges, and bill payments.
  • Benefits: Convenience, cashless transactions, security, potentially lower fees.
  • Activation: Download the app, register, and complete KYC.
  • Support: Use the app's "Support" section or CSC DigiPay website (indirectly).
What is the minimum DigiPay balance?
The minimum balance required for DigiPay Lite accounts seems to be ₹100.

Digipay Lite Ticket Create Online 2024