Paypal Customer Care Number in India Recently Released

In today's digital world, online transactions reign supreme. PayPal, a global leader in online payments, empowers Indian users to send and receive money securely across borders. But what happens when you encounter an issue with your PayPal account? This definitive guide provides you with all the essential information regarding PayPal Customer Care in India.
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Paypal Customer Care Number in India Recently Released

According to Paypal company, recently the customer care number has been released in India. With the help of this net helpline number, it will help you to easily solve the problem in your Paypal. You can contact on the toll free number given below: 

  • General Inquiries: 04466628002 (toll-free and accessible across India)
  • Paypal Customer Care Number: For payment-related queries and issues, you can call +91 8066745499.
Note:- You can contact us on the toll free number given above on working days (available from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Saturday).

New Paypal Customer Care Number in India Released

Friends, we hope that you have easily found the helpline number that you searched for and you have solved your problem easily. So, how did you like this update? Please do let us know. Keep in mind that this is only a paypal customer care number in India. belongs to

Resolving Common PayPal Issues Through the Help Center

The resourceful PayPal Help Center offers solutions to a wide range of issues you might encounter with your account. Here are some common concerns you can address through the Help Center:

When to Contact a Live Customer Care Representative

While the Help Center is a valuable resource, there might be situations where you need to speak with a live customer care representative. Here are some scenarios where contacting a representative might be necessary:

Paypal Customer Care Number in India